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SIGGRAPH Asia 2010
Automatic Generation of
Destination Maps

Johannes Kopf     Maneesh Agrawala     David Salesin     David Bargeron     Michael F. Cohen
Microsoft Research     UC Berkeley     Adobe Systems     Microsoft     Microsoft Research

General Purpose Online Map

Selected Roads

Our Result
A general purpose online map (from with fixed scale is not an effective destination map because the neighborhood streets disappear. Our system selects a relevant subset of the road network that contains the highways, arterials and residential roads required to reach the destination. It then lays out the selected roads, so that all the selected roads are visible and renders the map in a hand-drawn style.


Destination maps are navigational aids designed to show anyone within a region how to reach a location (the destination). Hand designed destination maps include only the most important roads in the region and are non-uniformly scaled to ensure that all of the important roads fromthe highways to the residential streets are visible. We present the first automated system for creating such destina tion maps based on the design principles used by mapmakers. Our system includes novel algorithms for selecting the important roads based on mental representations of road networks, and for laying out the roads based on a non-linear optimization procedure. The final layouts are labeled and rendered in a variety of styles ranging from informal to more formal map styles. The system has been used to generate over 55,000 destination maps by thousands of users. We report feedback from both a formal and informal user study, as well as provide quantitative measures of success.
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