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Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2009

Locally Adapted Projections
to Reduce Panorama Distortions

Johannes Kopf     Dani Lischinski     Oliver Deussen     Daniel Cohen-Or     Michael F. Cohen
Microsoft Research     The Hebrew University     University of Konstanz     Tel Aviv University     Microsoft Research

The left image shows a cylindrical 360 degree panorama unrolled onto a plane. Note that many straight lines in the scene are curved in this projection, which does not correspond well with the way humans perceive the world. Our system allows users to “straighten” selected regions in the image, making them appear like they would under an ordinary perspective projection, while maintaining continuity with the rest of the panorama (right image). The red curves over the left image denote the selected regions.


Displaying panoramic and wide angle views on a flat 2D display surface is necessarily prone to distortions. Perspective projections are limited to fairly narrow view angles. Cylindrical and spherical projections can show full 360° panoramas, but at the cost of curving straight lines, interfering with the perception of salient shapes in the scene. In this paper, we introduce locally-adapted projections. Such projections are defined by a continuous projection surface consisting of both near-planar and curved parts. A simple and intuitive user interface allows the specification of regions of interest to be mapped to the near-planar parts, thereby reducing bending artifacts. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach on a variety of panoramic and wide angle images, including both indoor and outdoor scenes.
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