Johannes Kopf

I am a director at Facebook, where I support a group wor­king on computational photography research. Be­fore joining Facebook, I worked at Microsoft Research. I re­cei­ved the EUROGRAPHICS Young Researcher Award in 2013 and the SIGGRAPH Significant Researcher Award in 2015.

My group works on cutting-edge research projects at the in­ter­sec­tion of computer vision, graphics, and machine lear­ning. We also like to productize our work. A fa­vo­rite recent example is 3D photos.

Our group is hiring full-time research scientists!

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Dynamic View Synthesis from Dynamic Monocular Video,
Chen Gao, Ayush Saraf, Johannes Kopf, Jia-Bin Huang,
arXiv 2021
Project page / arXiv / Bibtex
Robust Consistent Video Depth Estimation,
Johannes Kopf, Xuejian Rong, Jia-Bin Huang,
CVPR (Oral Presentation) 2021
Project page / arXiv / Code / Colab / Bibtex
Space-time Neural Irradiance Fields for Free-Viewpoint Video,
Wenqi Xian, Jia-Bin Huang, Johannes Kopf, Changil Kim,
CVPR 2021
Project page / arXiv / Bibtex
One Shot 3D Photography,
Johannes Kopf, Kevin Matzen, Suhib Alsisan, Ocean Quigley, Francis Ge, Yangming Chong, Josh Patterson, Jan-Michael Frahm, Shu Wu, Matthew Yu, Peizhao Zhang, Zijian He, Peter Vajda, Ayush Saraf, Michael F. Cohen,
Project page / arXiv / Code / Video / Talk video / Bibtex
Consistent video depth estimation,
Xuan Luo, Jia-Bin Huang, Richard Szeliski, Kevin Matzen, Johannes Kopf,
Project page / arXiv / Code / Video / Talk video / Slides / Bibtex
3D Photography using Context-aware Layered Depth Inpainting,
Meng-Li Shih, Shih-Yang Su, Johannes Kopf, Jia-Bin Huang,
CVPR 2020
Project page / Paper / Code / Demo / Bibtex
Flow-edge Guided Video Completion,
Chen Gao, Ayush Saraf, Jia-Bin Huang, Johannes Kopf,
ECCV 2020
Project page / arXiv / Bibtex
Practical 3D photography,
Johannes Kopf, Suhib Alsisan, Francis Ge, Yangming Chong, Kevin Matzen, Ocean Quigley, Josh Patterson, Jossie Tirado, Shu Wu, Michael F. Cohen,
CVPR Workshop AR/VR 2019
Paper / Bibtex
Fast depth densification for occlusion-aware augmented reality,
Aleksander Holymski, Johannes Kopf,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
Paper / Code / Video / Slides / Bibtex
Instant 3D Photography,
Peter Hedman, Johannes Kopf,
Project page / Paper / Video / Bibtex
DeepMVS: Learning Multi-view Stereopsis,
Po-Han Huang, Kevin Matzen, Johannes Kopf, Narendra Ahuja, Jia-Bin Huang,
CVPR 2018
Project page / arXiv / Code / Bibtex
Co-segmentation for Space-Time Co-located Collections,
Hadar Averbuch-Elor, Johannes Kopf, Tamir Hazan, Daniel Cohen-Or,
The Visual Computer 2018
Project page / Paper / Code / Bibtex
Casual 3D Photography,
Peter Hedman, Suhib Alsisan, Richard Szeliski, Johannes Kopf,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
Project page / Paper / Video / Slides / Bibtex
Bringing Portraits to Life,
Hadar Averbuch-Elor, Daniel Cohen-Or, Johannes Kopf, Michael F. Cohen,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
Project page / Paper / Video / Bibtex
Low-cost 360 Stereo Photography and Video Capture,
Kevin Matzen, Michael F. Cohen, Bryce Evans, Johannes Kopf, Richard Szeliski,
Paper / Bibtex
Analysis and Controlled Synthesis of Inhomogeneous Textures,
Yang Zhou, Huajie Shi, Dani Lischinski, Minglun Gong, Johannes Kopf, Hui Huang,
Eurographics 2017
Project page / Paper / Bibtex
Virtual Rephotography: Novel View Prediction Error for 3D Reconstruction,
Michael Waechter, Mate Beljan, Simon Fuhrmann, Nils Moehrle, Johannes Kopf, Michael Goesele,
Transactions on Graphics 2017
Project page / Bibtex
360° Video Stabilization,
Johannes Kopf,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2016
Paper / Bibtex
Temporally Coherent Completion of Dynamic Video,
Jia-Bin Huang, Sing Bing Kang, Narendra Ahuja, Johannes Kopf,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2016
Project page / Paper / Code / Bibtex
Proxy-guided Image-based Rendering for Mobile Devices,
Bernhard Reinert, Johannes Kopf, Tobias Ritschel, Eduardo Cuervo, David Chu, Hans-Peter Seidel,
Pacific Graphics 2016
Project page / Paper / Video / Slides / Bibtex
Smooth Image Sequences for Data-driven Morphing,
Hadar Averbuch-Elor, Daniel Cohen-Or, Johannes Kopf,
Eurographics 2016
Project page / Paper / Video / Bibtex
Self Tuning Texture Optimization,
Alexandre Kaspar, Boris Neubert, Dani Lischinski, Mark Pauly, Johannes Kopf,
Eurographics 2015
Project page / Paper / Code / Slides / Bibtex
Distilled Collections from Textual Image Queries,
Hadar Averbuch-Elor, Yunhai Wang, Yiming Qian, Minglun Gong, Johannes Kopf, Hao Zhang, Daniel Cohen-Or,
Eurographics 2015
Project page / Paper / Bibtex
Outatime: Using Speculation to Enable Low-Latency Continuous Interaction for Mobile Cloud Gaming,
Kyungmin Lee, David Chu, Eduardo Cuervo, Johannes Kopf, Yury Degtyarev, Sergey Grizan, Alec Wolman, Jason Flinn,
MobiSys 2015
Best Paper Award
Project page / Paper / Slides / Bibtex
Depixelizing Pixel Art in Real-Time,
Felix Kreuzer, Johannes Kopf, Michael Wimmer,
I3D 2015
Project page / Paper / Code / Bibtex
Demo: DeLorean: Using Speculation to Enable Low-Latency Continuous Interaction for Mobile Cloud Gaming,
Kyungmin Lee, David Chu, Eduardo Cuervo, Johannes Kopf, Alec Wolman, Jason Flinn,
MobiSys 2014
Best Demo Award
Paper / Bibtex
First-person Hyper-lapse videos,
Johannes Kopf, Michael F. Cohen, Richard Szeliski,
Paper / Video / Bibtex
Image Completion using Planar Structure Guidance,
Jia-Bin Huang, Sing Bing Kang, Narendra Ahuja, Johannes Kopf,
Paper / Code / Talk video / Bibtex
Parametric Meta-Filter Modeling from a Single Example Pair,
Shi-Sheng Huang, Guo-Xin Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Johannes Kopf, Daniel Cohen-Or, Shi-Min Hu,
CGI 2014
Project page / Paper / Bibtex
Content-Adaptive Image Downscaling,
Johannes Kopf, Ariel Shamir, Pieter Peers,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
Project page / Bibtex
Image-Based Rendering in the Gradient Domain,
Johannes Kopf, Fabian Langguth, Daniel Scharstein, Richard Szeliski, Michael Goesele,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
Project page / Bibtex
Unsupervised Joint Object Discovery and Segmentation in Internet Images,
Michael Rubinstein, Armand Joulin, Johannes Kopf, Ce Liu,
CVPR 2013
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Transformation Guided Image Completion,
Jia-Bin Huang, Johannes Kopf, Narendra Ahuja, Sing Bing Kang,
ICCP 2013
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Video Enhanced Gigapixel Panoramas,
Sören Pirk, Michael F. Cohen, Oliver Deussen, Matt Uyttendaele, Johannes Kopf,
SIGGRAPH Asia Technical Briefs 2012
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Digital Reconstruction of Halftoned Color Comics,
Johannes Kopf, Dani Lischinski,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012
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Quality Prediction for Image Completion,
Johannes Kopf, Wolf Kienzle, Steven Drucker, Sing Bing Kang,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012
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Image-Based Rendering for Scenes with Reflections,
Sudipta Sinha, Johannes Kopf, Michael Goesele, Daniel Scharstein, Richard Szeliski,
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Depixelizing Pixel Art,
Johannes Kopf, Dani Lischinski,
Project page / Bibtex
Automatic Generation of Destination Maps,
Johannes Kopf, Maneesh Agrawala, David Salesin, David Bargeron, Michael F. Cohen,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2010
Project page / Bibtex
Street Slide: Browsing Street Level Imagery,
Johannes Kopf, Billy Chen, Richard Szeliski, Michael F. Cohen,
Project page / Bibtex
Locally Adapted Projections to Reduce Panorama Distortions,
Johannes Kopf, Dani Lischinski, Oliver Deussen, Daniel Cohen-Or, Michael F. Cohen,
EGSR 2009
Project page / Bibtex
Deep Photo: Model-Based Photograph Enhancement and Viewing,
Johannes Kopf, Boris Neubert, Billy Chen, Michael F. Cohen, Daniel Cohen-Or, Oliver Deussen, Matt Uyttendaele, Dani Lischinski,
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008
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Annotating Gigapixel Images,
Qing Luan, Steven Drucker, Johannes Kopf, Ying-Qing Xu, Michael F. Cohen,
UIST 2008
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Solid Texture Synthesis from 2D Exemplars,
Johannes Kopf, Chi-Wing Fu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Oliver Deussen, Dani Lischinski, Tien-Tsin Wong,
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Capturing and Viewing Gigapixel Images,
Johannes Kopf, Matt Uyttendaele, Oliver Deussen, Michael F. Cohen,
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Joint Bilateral Upsampling,
Johannes Kopf, Michael F. Cohen, Dani Lischinski, Matt Uyttendaele,
Project page / Bibtex
GPU-assisted Positive Mean Value Coordinates for Mesh Deformation,
Yaron Lipman, Johannes Kopf, Daniel Cohen-Or, David Levin,
SGP 2007
Project page / Bibtex
Recursive Wang Tiles for Real-Time Blue Noise,
Johannes Kopf, Daniel Cohen-Or, Oliver Deussen, Dani Lischinski,
Project page / Bibtex
Realistic Real-Time Rendering of Landscapes Using Billboard Clouds,
Stephan Behrendt, Carsten Colditz, Oliver Franzke, Johannes Kopf, Oliver Deussen,
Eurographics 2005